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Sep 30, 2012 10:00am EDT
that it is the direction we ought to be going. i think it has significant risks. >> fannie mae and freddie mac have been under federal control for over four years now. the administration has a set of options but never a detailed recommendation for what should be done with them. is the time coming for that sioon? >> when we put out our ideas for housing reform, we were very clear that there are a basic set of choices to be made. we made out three clear options. we were clear that there has to be some basic consensus of rounds which of those directions before we can get into the details of what legislation should look like. there has been a lot of partisanship. this has not been something that congress has been able to reach a consensus on. particularly attention is focused on the campaign and election. there has been even less attention. what i would tell you is a we are ready and eager to get into the details of how to reform fannie mae and freddie mac. the president laid out a set of options on what we would do. what we need now is for congress, and i expect this will happen soon after the election, to
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Sep 25, 2012 6:00pm EDT
underlying related to freddie mac and fannie mae. people are credit loans from years ago or when you want them, now that the government is doing some interesting things with the regulator of fannie mae and freddie mac, try to make sure that when you have that insurance from fannie and freddie, the guarantee, but that is a real guarantee. that will have a positive impact. cheryl: that is the reason we keep propping them up. fannie mae and freddie mac. let's talk about the refinance environment. a lot of viewers having a tough time. they want to do it because rates are incredibly low. are things getting any easier right now? >> right now, i don't think that they are. however, one thing that will make it easier is that when you have of situations where we're getting appraisals, it will be easier to get a property appraiser. what a situation where foreclosed homes were sitting on the market and were dragging down property values, we are seeing investors have bought up a lot of good lower-priced homes, and that will certainly help the market's. cheryl: what about cash bills? it seems that ther
Sep 5, 2012 7:00pm EDT
clean with pressuring fannie mae and freddie mac, pressuring banks, making ub unaffordable subprime mortgages and mr. clinton signed the bill to end glass stee gel which ended up in hot shot banks taking risks. plus, mr. clinton will say tomorrow night he needs more time to finish the job. more time for what? aside from bashing republicans nobody knows his second term plan. is it more spending, more regular dplating? taxing successful entrepreneurs? this evening, uh upsetting mus. we have dropped four straight years on the global competitive list. switzerland, singapore, finland, sweden, netherlands and germany all ahead of the usa. we don't want four more years of that and we'll have it to date. first up, bill clinton headlining the evening tonight in charlotte. cnbc's own john harwood previews the former president's dnc address. good evening, john. >> good evening, larry. the democratic convention is getting fired up by speakers behind me. the main event is bill clinton who will bring full circle a relationship that was strained with barack obama when barack obama and hillary clin
Sep 16, 2012 8:00am EDT
that fannie mae and freddie mac should be on trial for providing 100% guarantees -- [applause] taxpayer-backed guarantees for mortgages, and, ladies and gentlemen, of all the bailouts we did, the two institutions that never paid back any of the money that we lent them as taxpayers were fannie mae and freddie mac. and they should be on trial here. i would submit that the 435 members of the united states house of representatives that voted for a $700 billion bailout of the banks, they should be on trial here -- [cheers and applause] and shoshed the people who voted for the $800 billion failed stimulus plan, and most importantly, nancy pelosi should be on trial -- [cheers and applause] for running up the national debt by $5 trillion and putting our nation is financial peril. i would submit that s&p and moody's should be on trial for giving us -- [applause] to mortgage-backed securities. these are the people, ladies and gentlemen, that should be on trial. i would submit to you that ben bernanke should be on trial -- [cheers and applause] for his money policies that have debased our currency
Sep 4, 2012 9:00am PDT
and freddie mac. they have to be looked at as well. >> john, i want to go to you. there has been a lot of talk about, you know, repealing dodd-frank entirely, but the word on the street is that, you know, even if romney were to be elected president, that it would likely not be a complete repeal but maybe a tinkering with certain parts of dodd-frank that the banking sector and financial services sector don't like. give us your take on what is feasible in terms of actually amending dodd-frank if there is a republican administration. >> this was a very difficult law to put together. it would be a very difficult law to take apart. but i would say after the great depression, we saw acts like the federal reserve act rewritten several times and i wouldn't be at all surprised if we saw continued tinkering no matter who is president with dodd-frank. we just saw it with oxley, with the rules impeding ipos. one of the few things they've gotten done this year. i would say you asked the previous guest for a grade on dodd-frank. i don't think you can give it more than a c-minus right now. frankly, one of th
FOX Business
Sep 15, 2012 1:00am EDT
program. even fannie mae freddie mac. look at models this is a good model. but many of those eventually are privatized or if they are a debt burden then turned back over for a bailout. john: is there any socialist >> the law that is perpetuated is that we have to have a two-party system. we are going to have problems politically until we have a third party. >> neil cavuto was talking about the candidate that makes the most sense for me. most of the others make so many promises, that they sound almost as silly as the green party candidate. >> green means a guaranteed job for every american. a new economy fueled by renewable energy and no more student debt. john: let's get real. all of the candidates think of themselves as freeloaders. but they are not. i am a libertarian in part because i see the false choice offered by political left and right, either government control over the economy or government control of our personal lives. democrats think it is income inequality. republicans think that the opposite is true. let them advocate moral behavior and let them give to charities but leav
Sep 20, 2012 12:00pm PDT
once again hit record lows. the mortgage buying company freddie mac says that the average rate on a 30-year fixed home loan is now 3.49%. that's down from 3.55% last week. and the average 15-year fix is at a record low of 2.77 down from 2.8 last week. now, those low mortgage rates make it very tempting to consider buying a home but many bay area residents still wonder, is it better to own or rent? ktvu's ann rubin joins us from san jose with some practical advice on. this good afternoon, ann >> reporter: good afternoon. according to a new study, it's actually cheaper right now to own than rent. it may be a good time to buy. frustrated with renting? gaysha is. >> the rent goes up, 100, 200, 350 and that's unfortunate. >> reporter: acoeur d'alening to a study, it may actually be cheap tore buy than to rent. it looked at data nationwide for june, july and august and found that in oakland, it's 41% cheaper to own. in san francisco, 28% and in san jose, owning saves you about 31%. real estate appraiser frank schmitt says that in san jose, that amounts to hundreds of dollars a month. >> tota
Sep 6, 2012 7:00pm EDT
, deregulated fannie mae and freddie mac and repealed glass steagal. >> actually george bush made them give out the subprime mortgages, not bill clinton. larry, get your facts right. >> with respect, i disagree with you. >> how about the facts? >> they are facts. >> i'm sorry. under bush they tried to go under fannie mae. >> this guy tried to shut down fannie mae and freddie mac. >> subprime loans. >> andrew cuomo and bill clinton. >> no, it didn't. >> barney frank saying it was solvent. >> i'm sorry i'm talking so much, but you have a balanced panel here. >> nan, do you think his argument of four more years or three more years or whatever will work? that was the argument clinton made last night. it seemed like the precursor to obama's argument. do you think america will vote for a guy who is telling them they have to wait several more years for economic success? >> americans, based on my experiences are representative of the hudson valley in new york. americans are fed up. they are desperate for change, but not the kind of change president obama, based on the experience of four years of his po
Sep 28, 2012 6:00am EDT
yesterday at both fannie mae and freddie mac. protesters want policy changes that would allow for a reduction in princies to the current market value of homes to top evictions and allow residents to buy back homes at the current market value. >> we did it willingly as veterans to serve our country. to come back home and have other people in this country try and take homes away from veterans, it's not going to happen [ inaudible ] >>> well, starting today, police can give you a breathalyzer test if they suspect you're driving drunk in the district. police stopped giving those tests two years ago in d.c. because of inaccurate equipment and it caused hundreds of tests and drunk driving convictions into question. the feds gave the city a dis $1 -- $150,000 grant to get the equipment in order so they could start giving the breathalyzer tests again and that starts today. >>> we have a commuter alert now. another weekend, another mess on metro. starting tonight no service on the green line between branch avenue and southern avenue. it begins at 10:00 and goes through sunday night. sh
Sep 20, 2012 5:00pm EDT
rise to protest an action by the federal housing finance agency, fannie mae and freddie mac, that punish my state of connecticut and four other states for effectively protecting our citizens against unfair and abusive mortgage foreclosure practices. and i want to say right at the outset, i am determined to fight this action, along with my colleagues, during the comment period that we have to contest this very unwise, misguided, unacceptable decision. these agencies have just posted for 60-day comment a decision to increase fannie mae and freddie mac's guarantee fee for connecticut and four other states -- new jersey, new york, illinois and florida. why? because the protections that we have in place now against those abusive banking tactics that have so pervaded the mortgage foreclosure process, increased the length of time that it sometimes takes for foreclosure, and we have a mediation process that keeps people in their homes and enables settlements that actually save money. that is connecticut's crime. that is the reason that connecticut and for her other states and our ho
FOX Business
Sep 20, 2012 9:20am EDT
year fixed rate loan from freddie mac, 3.49%. keep the stock market picture right up there because i have a series of snapshots on the economy. $3.49 is the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage rate according to freddie mac. the philly fed just reported on the manufacturing activity in parts of the northeastern areas. it shows a negative, it is a decline a little better than expected but nonetheless still down five months in a row. getting another snapshot as we speak. the index of leading economic indicators. and outlook for the future. how will we be doing in the future? coming up any moment. haven't got it for you yet. the philly fed reading down with fixed-rate little better than expected and the dow came back a lot. we redound 63 and now we are down 51 and the index of leading indicators down just 0.1%. that is a neutral report. the market seems to like this moderately. we are down 48 points as opposed to 63 earlier. the latest snapshot on the economy. j.c. penney shares are lower. i want to know why. nicole: they are lower. you see the dow because ceo ron johnson has talked about it has
FOX Business
Sep 27, 2012 9:20am EDT
number to me quite frankly, 3.40%, that is the 30-year fixed rate loan from freddie mac. can you believe that, 3.40%. >> i'm pretty sure i'm right in saying that's an all time record low. 3.49 last week, 3.40 this week. not bad. no impact on the market, dow industrials still up 33 points. okay? and no impact on all of these housing numbers, and the mortgage number, no impact on stock prices, at least not, not immediately. okay? and let's go to nicole, apparently a lot of money in mattresses today. tell me the story, please. >> well you like tempur-pedic or the sealy pospedic, they're hard to say. and they've made a move to acquire sealy and why you see the two companies, tempur-pedic up and the deal is valued at 229 million. 2.8% premium. why are they doing it? well, here is what the ceo of sealy said. to deliver more value by leveraging our strong combined assets. i don't know, stuart, i went to tell you they're operating separately and still going to get two completely different mattresses, but because of stiff competition they're getting together. stuart: operating separately, separat
Sep 27, 2012 5:00pm EDT
action from both fannie mae and freddie mac to help keep families in their homes. five people were arrested as they tried to send that message. >> what a do we do when the banks attack? >> fight back, people united. we'll never be defeated! >> reporter: in front of fannie mae headquarters protesters tried to draw attention to the national foreclosure crisis. >> we're going to beat that bank attack! stand up fight back! >> reporter: they hope by using their voices out here it will create change in there. >> it's just unbelievably wrong. it should not happen. >> reporter: those out here came in from cities across the country, but their story is the same. they are in a fight to keep their homes. >> they're not taking it. i don't care what it takes. >> reporter: debra harris injured her back working for the fire department here in d.c. that caused her to fall behind on her mortgage. she says the bank promised to help her with a loan modification, a promise they didn't keep. >> been in my house 17 years and near going to tell me no, you -- they're going to tell me no, you can't have
Sep 7, 2012 3:00pm EDT
at this article he tug up about fannie mae and freddie mac loosening up. fannie maes taking on significant risk, and if they run into drought, it could prompt a government rescue similar to that of the savings and loan industry in the 1980s. >> you included this in your book. >> yes, there was several arguments back then that went into what the loosening of it would mean, it was an unintended consequence and their talking after the people that were just a notch below, they were not talking about going down further which is what happened as companies reached more and more to achieve profitability. >> it started with good intentions with a understanding that there was a trade off in risks and costs, but everybody thought they would be manageable in the long run and you should accept that trade off. guess what? >> and steven holmes was exactly right if you find it. in that column, he was right on target with his prognostication. >> and this issing if you have to ask all the time, in any kind of situation, the risks are in the future, and we don't know what they will be, but we think they are manag
Sep 22, 2012 4:00am PDT
-time lows this past week. freddie mac said the average 30-year fixed dropped to 3.49%, matching the previous record low hit in july. this comes one week after the federal reserve announced a plan to buy billions of dollars in home loans. analysts say we haven't seen the full effect of the fed's move just yet. rates are expected to go even lower. there's a wrap of the week on wall street. back to you. >> thank you. the next time you go to get a new driver's license, you may be told no smiling. state officials say it's about preventing identity fraud. and the need for capable leaders is greater than ever. when you see these problems do you take a step back, or do you want to dive right in? with a degree in business from capella university, you'll have the knowledge to go further in your career than you ever thought possible. let's get started at for a golf getaway. double miles you can actually use... but mr. single miles can't join his friends because he's getting hit with blackouts. shame on you. now he's stuck in a miniature nightmare. oh, thank you. but, with the capital one ve
Sep 7, 2012 5:00pm PDT
marco the conservator of of sally may and freddie mac. and they say they don't have any more power to twist his arm. >> eliot: they should be going after every conceivable way. the real problem joe i think dan is exactly right and i and many people have been saying for years until you deal with the mortgage crisis you won't deal what is really at the root of the economy. the problem has been the treasury department. the treasury did not appreciate that simple premise. tim geithner was willing to let it work its way on its own. and grievous mistake. it debilitated our economy. the successes and jennifer granholm. >> she was awesome. >> she was awesome. it's the auto bailout. i'm struck that mitt romney has not responded adequately. what is the republican party going to say about its meaningful support to bail out the auto industry. >> they're going to say nothing. it's better than saying something. they're likely to get the message wrong. they already have the imagine of not being the party of the working man and this could give further ammunition for the democrats to pin on them. one further thing
Sep 18, 2012 5:00am PDT
it will probably recouped all of the bailout money from aig but not so rosy for fannie mae and freddie mac or gm. those companies 0 the government over $160 billion. stocks are trading about 15-20% higher today but that does not mean you should be complacent. on monday watch we highlight investment portfolios for all seasons. now is a great time to rebalance your portfolio. >> stormy weather has once again postponed a final flight of the retired space shuttle in denver. a boeing 747 is now scheduled to carry the shuttle from florida to southern california tomorrow morning, two days later than scheduled. it is set to conduct low-level flyovers over the bay area before landing in l.a. on friday. it will eventually be displayed at the california science center in l.a. >> we have to clear out the low clouds and fog and i think we will see clouds in the morning so hopefully the shuttle will be here in the afternoon. right now we have low clouds and fog, moving well on shore in some of the valleys. temperatures generally in the fifties. temperatures cooler than average for this time of year. inside th
Sep 20, 2012 5:00pm PDT
. freddy mac reports the average for a 30 year is 3.49%. that is down from 3.55% last week and the 15 year is down to 2.77%. it was 2.85% last week. the rates can make it very attempting to -- tempting to buy a home. but is it better to own or rent? ann rubin has more. >> reporter: frustrated with renting? >> it goes up. and it is unfortunate. >> reporter: according to a new study right now it may be cheaper to buy than rent. it looked at data nationwide, in oakland it is 41% cheaper to own. in san jose owner saved you 31%. she says in san jose that amounts to hundreds of dollars a month. >> total payments less than deduction for write off, 1900 and a house would be 2500 plus a month to rent. >> reporter: this is a big change from last year. the study found lower mortgage rates and higher rents are factors. >> rents keep increasing, the renters will look to home buying. >> reporter: one problem, in the bay area there is low supply and high demand. so homeowners say it is worth it. >> you have something. if you sell it you get some money back. >> reporter: but they say it doesn't reflect th
Sep 13, 2012 6:00pm PDT
hogares. take vo ---los bancos fannie mae y freddie mac, anunciaron que permitiran que sus clientes puedan participar en el programa "mantenga su casa en california" para que se les reduzca su cuenta principal. ---se cree que hasta 9 mil dueÑos de casa podrian quedarse con sus propiedades a raiz de este nuevo anuncio. stop open roll open cesar ---los adolescentes que juegan con videojuegos violentos de carreras de autos, take vo ---son mas propensos a conducir de forma irresponsable segun un nuevo estudio... ---ya se sabia que los videos pueden crear pensamientos mas riesgosos en los jovenes, pero en el nuevo estudio realizado por el colegio dartmouth, se pregunto a los adolescentes si habian realizado maniobras peligrosas al conducir un automovil... ---lo que se encontro fue una correlacion entre accidentes y el uso de juegos de video de automoviles violentos.. stop open roll open blanca ---ya es oficial... este aÑo se ha presentado el peor brote del virus del nilo occidental en estados unidos. take vo ---el centro para el control de enfermedades, dice que no se han registrado tantas mu
Sep 21, 2012 10:30pm EDT
department as a buyback of its shares from freddie mae and fannie mac. -- fannie mae and freddie mack. representative waters approached the committee to discuss better husband had been a member of the board of oneunited bank and he told her that he would handle the oneunited matter and she should stay out of it. the exact timing of this conversation is not clear from the record, but we believe that occurred at some point following the september 9, 2000 treasury meeting but prior to the circulation of the first draft of the emergency economic stabilization act on september 28, 2008. the record reveals that despite representative waters's correct determination that she should not be involved in any direct help for the bank because of conflict of interest, her chief of staff continue to engage in official actions taken solely on behalf of oneunited bank and not the greater class of banks affected by the conservatorship. the first official act was an e-mail dated september 19, 2008. mr. moore said that e-mail to a -- mr. moore sent that e-mail to a financial services staffer stating, "one
FOX Business
Sep 13, 2012 9:20am EDT
mortgages just in from freddie mac and close to the all-time low. i repeat 3-.5%. who would have thought? zynga shares are down again. nicole: down again is a great way to say it because they got a brief pop after mark zuckerberg talked about facebook's outlook. some people start to sell. it is down 2.6% and it is down 70% this year and there has been speculation. don't get the i phone 5 with more gains on it. that will be interesting direct competition. we are waiting for iphone 5 to go down topping today. stuart: $6.77 on apple this morning. $6.83 was the high. nicole: absolutely. stuart: thanks. violence in the middle east continues today. the newest flare-up in yemen. the u.s. embassy attacked, a u.s. flag burned. security regained control of the town with teargas. new reports show the violence in yemen and low libya attack that killed 24 people were planned. they weren't a spontaneous reaction to a movie as president obama seemed to say yesterday. >> since our finding the united nations says -- the united states respects all faiths. we reject all efforts to denigrate religious belie
Sep 5, 2012 4:00pm EDT
of responsibility, but then you have to look at government policy through, especially fanny mae and freddie mac. and borrowers, they were becaabg the system. there was a lot of institutions involved in causing the crisis, and it's not good for the banks to be blamed 100%. you could get a bad outcome in terms of how you fix it. >> tell me how you can manage a complex institution that is serving two masters. you've done it. >> yeah, first of all, i think this notion that these big banks are too big to manage, too complex, is not right. we live in a complex world, and we just need to manage things when they go wrong. as a individual and a user of it, or a business manager, it is complexi comple complex. we should not be talking about rolling back a banking industry that is very efficient to something that was not 15 years ago. so this complexity argument i don't buy. sure big banks are complexion, but if you look at the final institutions that have failed, they have been more -- you take country wide, or wamu, these were companies that weren't nearly as complex by any stretch of the imagination as
Sep 10, 2012 5:00pm PDT
. if you dig into the romney housing plan he talks about things like reforming fannie mae and freddie mac. but a lot is overshadowed by what he toll the las vegas review journal in late 2011 in all places was the foreclosure capital of nevada. here's what he had to say. >> what do do to the housing industry specifically? are there things you can do to encourage housing. one don't stop the foreclosure process. let it run its course, hit the bottom. allow investors too buy homes, fix the homes up and let it turn around and come back up. >> the shorter romney response on this issue, i think is quite clearly what has president obama done to fix the housing problem in this country. >> and, john, you said the cost of housing, the biggest forces in the electorate, how so? >> ask people what is bugging them. it's national crisis housing. this vase settled in the goal states. you ask people about the economy. what are the two defining questions in the presidential election? is the country on the right track? a lot of people question the american dream. you bought your house, pass it 0-to-your chil
Sep 25, 2012 6:00am EDT
, a lot of times it messes it up. a classic example is fannie mae and freddie mac and the entire economic mess we are in. how many more things to we want to inject the government into? they are the ones driving the cost. we need a little free enterprise work. >> next question from bill miller and go first to jonathan. the u.s. postal service is very important to the room -- to the people in the room today. it is now trying to go into a program that would be competing in a bear to newspapers. in many cases the newspaper is the largest customer for the post office of community. what i would like to know is, what is your position on this issue and other issues of closing rural post offices and eliminating saturday delivery? what would you do in the senate to help rural newspapers and community newspapers that depend on the postal service? >> like many of the things run by the government, the postal service is one that is very inefficient. i of a friend who works as a mail carrier. he gets four days straight of 10 hours per day so that every time he is needed he gets more overtime. the federa
FOX Business
Sep 17, 2012 4:00pm EDT
mae, freddie mac, general motors, allied financial. 300 banks owe $9 billion plus. so when you hear, for example, the auto bailouts were a win-win for taxpayers. sandra: right. >> maybe whatever the math is behind the jobs number that the administration comes up with. even the administration said look, we could lose $25 billion just on auto bailouts alone. david: is gm, i'm just trying to get my head around it. is gm saying they can not run a successful company with the government as an albatross around their neck slowing them down? >> effectively yes. their argument is we can't hire talent. we can't use the corporate jet because of tarp rules. confirming all of that. tell you something for gm look, take the loss, taxpayers that is pretty something. you will not see the loss anytime soon before the elections. perhaps afterward. sandra: timing interesting following the conventions where they just, were touting the success. >> that's right, sandra, exactly. sandra: liz macdonald. david: thanks, liz. sandra: anti-american protests breaking out across the middle east in africa and europ
FOX News
Sep 6, 2012 1:00pm PDT
and freddie mac, making tens of millions which helped cause an almost financial collapse in this country and his fingerprints are all over there is funny and i have not heard people talk about that, either. >>neil: thank you, mark levin. the community reinvestment act spurred lending so we could go from making this hard to get a home to almost a birthright that is then. here we are now. >> and for elizabeth warren her memorable line: corporations are not people which of course is news to mitt romney who says corporates made up of and led by and, well, accountable to people. it is a central theme of a convention that sees a lot of companies as a big part of the problem. a former c.e.o. is going to set the record straight, he says, and stop the nonsense now. copies of my acceptance speech. great! it's always good to have a backup plan, in case i get hit by a meteor. wow, your hair looks great. didn't realize they did photoshop here. hey, good call on those mugs. can't let 'em see what you're drinking. you know, i'm glad we're both running a nice, clean race. no need to get nasty. here's yo
FOX News
Sep 20, 2012 4:00pm PDT
has fallen again, back to record low. according to the mortgage giant freddie mac, it's 3.49%. 30-year fixed. that ties the lowest rate going all the way back to the 1950s. so it is a very good time to buy if you can scrape up money for a down payment and if you can get them to actually lend you money at that rate. >>> president obama and governor romney are both in the state of florida tonight trying to win over a key group of voters in a crucial battle ground state. we're live on the campaign trail next. and would you look at this? they're calling this cop a hero because of this video. we'll show it to you again. you can see what actually happened coming up from the journalist at fox news on this thursday fox report. >> shep: the president and governor romney campaigning for the hispanic vote in the battle ground state of florida today. speaking to a latino audience at the university of miami, the president took aim at miss rival's comments about the 47% who don't pay federal income taxes. the president answering a question about that video in which governor romney says, quote, i'll
Sep 21, 2012 9:00am EDT
and freddie mac. when my republican friends are out of power, they know exactly what to do about housing. when they're in power they forget. it's a peculiar form of apple nearbyia. from -- amnesia. from 1995 to 2006 they controlled the congress and did nothing, nothing about fannie mae and freddie mac. we came in 2007 and took action and put them in a conservatorship and stopped them from losing money. the next step was to go forward with replacing them. we said that we would do that. we did financial reform first. the republicans said in 2009 and 2010, you must do reform of fannie mae and freddie mac. and we thought financial reform came first because we already stopped the bleeding. then they came to power in 2011 and they've done nothing, and the reason they've done nothing about fannie mae and freddie mac and the reason they've done nothing about the post office and agriculture and didn't do anything about the highways is very simple. they're a party torn between extremists and people who are afraid of extremists, people who will not take them on. mr. speaker, who will not bring an agricul
Sep 29, 2012 8:00pm EDT
of fannie mae and freddie mac in the u.s. congress and the two of them must do low in the private sector and frank in the public sector with fannie and freddie were an unholy alliance that allow countrywide in the people who prospered by imitating countrywide to create bonuses where people can never repay them. they eventually sold us to the federal government and how was that made possible? it was made possible by barney frank through for fannie and freddie in the name of all kinds of high-minded altruistic social benefits, housing for of a buddy lets put people in big mansions or they can afford to. that was the world of "atlas shrugged" and the world we just barely survived and were still struggling to come out. >> donald luskin what to do for a living? >> i'm an investment advisor brother investment in rieser's? >> what the zimon? citf advice on the market to other investment managers who serve customers hedge fund managers, investment counselors. see in your work, how much government regulation is there in what you do? >> there is very little in what i do because i don't actually ha
Sep 5, 2012 9:00pm PDT
who stood in opposition to reigning in fannie mae and freddie mac which helped create the mortgage crisis. so he told a great story. the problem is, he used some facts that helped him, and ignored some facts that didn't help him, it was vintage clinton, it was great to watch. it was a great story. >> i'd like to go back to what i said last night, the democrats have now had two very good -- surprisingly strong nights. >> they stumble over the platform, you think -- >> there was a stumble tonight, it was quiet, but they ended on -- they had a tremendous finish. if barack obama tomorrow night can make it 3 for 3, they could break out in this election. they've been trying to do that. the dynamics have been steady all along, they have a chance. i think they have a chance -- >> you've seen bounces before for democrats that then have faded away. >> it's been a while. bill clinton has a bit of a balance to carry the bush race, they both have eight points, they matched up. because of the polarization, the cable era, president obama just got two points four years ago against john mccain. mos
Sep 6, 2012 1:00am PDT
in opposition to reigning in fannie mae and freddie mac, which helped create the mortgage crisis. he told a great story. problem is he used some facts that helped him and ignored some facts that didn't help him. it was vintage clinton, great to watch. it was a great story. >> david? >> the democrats have now had two very good, surprisingly strong nigs. >> right. >> the stumble over the platform -- >> that was a stumble tonight. but they ended -- they had a tremendous finish. if barack obama tomorrow night can make it 3 for 3, they could break out in this election. they've been trying to do that. the dynamics have been steady all along. they have a chance. i think it's a chance, i don't think it's certain, i think they have a chance -- >> we've seen bounces before for democrats that then have faded away. >> it's been a while. bill clinton has a bit of a bounce, the kerry/bush race they both got eight points. because of polarization, the cable era, the blogosphere, president obama got two points, four years ago against john mccain. carly was involved in the campaign. you knew it. here's my
Sep 11, 2012 1:00am PDT
dig into the romney housing plan, he does talk about things like reforming fannie mae and freddie mac. a lot of what he said on this issue, anderson, has been overshadowed by what he told "the las vegas review journal" in late 2011 of in of all places in the foreclosure capital of nevada. >> what to do for housing crisis specifically. don't try and stop the foreclosure process. let it run its course and hit the bottom, allow investors to buy homes, put renters in them, fix the homes up and let it turn around and come back up. >> the shorter romney response on this issue, anderson, i think is quite clearly ha has president obama done to fix the housing problem in this country? >> john, you say the cost of housing plays heavily into two of the biggest forces in the electorate. how so? >> i want to bring up the other map, just to be honest. it's a national crisis housing. the race will be settled in the gold states. what are the two big defining questions in a presidential electi election? is the country on the right track. a lot of people question the american dream. you bought your hou
Sep 1, 2012 10:15am EDT
section of our web site, i looked, and i said, fannie mae? freddie mac? i mean, these are government institutions. they're funding the left? and then you look and see what they're funding, and can they're funding radicals -- they're funding radicals, radical antagonists to our system. this is not a democracy anymore. this is a huge threat to democracy. and i'm hoping -- there is a solution, obviously. there are all these foundations that exist under the tax code. the tax code says why aren't they all getting tax exemption? because they are promoting the general welfare. well, look, that's the definition. i mean, it's in so many words you promote -- the tax code says you can't do this if you're supporting a political candidate. that's how they define politics. support be of a candidate -- support of a candidate, support of a political party. that's partisan. that's not the general welfare. well, come on. you're supporting cap and trade, you're supporting open borders, you're supporting socialized medicine? that's political. that's what our politics is about. so the irs could just rede
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